My name is Nicole Liaki, a fashion designer and founder of NBL Couture.  

My inspiration came from my passion for fashion and designs since my younger age.  In 2015, I had strong desire to shift my fashion style more in a way to I can truly identify myself in my personality, background and culture.

My concept is an elegant showcase of authentic African-Western design curated for a North American lifestyle - a space for personalized styling, hand-picked retail and inspired fashion.

In 2016, I decided to start making my own garments. Months after, I mastered the fashion and designs concept and the bulb lighted up. That when I realized that I had a gift and hidden talent that I have not yet discovered in me.

The turning point for creating NBL Couture was when my co-workers find out that all my garments were sewn by me. Their positive attitude and encouragements pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and try something new, this time not only to make for myself but to benefit the entire world with my talents. I decided to take an act of faith, believing in God.   I am very excited that NBL Couture's project is finally completed and we are have an official online store to serve our clients worldwide.

My vision is to design garments for women who are bold, creative and  enjoy having a unique touch into their fashion style, whether it is with an African prints, mix prints or western fabrics.  

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